The Way of Judges to train junior advocates who refuse to be trained by their seniors.


🍁 The Way of Judges to train junior advocates who refuse to be trained by their seniors.

🍁 It was one of those typical hearing day in Supreme Court.

A junior advocate stood up and sought adjournment for a week.

Judge said, “What are the facts of this case?”

Junior said, “I do not know.”

Judge said, “Let us read together. Start reading the facts.”

Junior said, “I have no authority to do so.”

Judge asked, “Since how many years you are practising in Supreme Court?

Junior said, “Since one year.”

Judge asked, “Who is your senior?”

Junior gave name of his senior.

Judge said, “We adjourn this case for one week. But on next day, first you will have to state facts of the case. Only after you have answered all our questions on facts of case, we will allow your senior to argue this case.”..

And this how the Judges forced junior advocate to find time to read case assigned to them by seniors.

🍁 The modern trend is, most junior advocates (Not all) are engaged with their smartphones whole day and upto 1 pm at night….There are new videos to be seen. There are new musical songs to hear…. On Friday, there are new movies to be seen with their girl freinds… On every Saturday night they have fever and on Sunday they have Hangover Their list of things to do is already very very full….πŸ˜‚

If their seniors will ask them to read a case and then retell them what they have comprehended, they usually have no time….😊😊😊

If you have a Rebel Personality….


😊 If, if…your inner personality is of “Rebel”… you will resist every helpful hint you see here. In fact you try to resist and dislike everyone who may be trying to give you helpful suggestions in your life and career… You react aggressively everytime someone is trying to give you some helpful hint…This is natural for you if you have a “Rebel” personality. I had once such a “Rebel” personality and I have suffered because of this upto a point where I may have lost my life in early years in legal profession.. Focusing on breathing for about 5 minutes a day or more is the one way to tame a reactive and Rebel mind… When you are focusing on incoming and outgoing breath, it is impossible for brain to react to anything else… This is the only brain taming method known since 5000 years….Earliest mention of this method is in GITA.(Pranayam)… Today’s neuroscience has confirmed this with MRI scans of brain. When a man is focusing on breath… It shows that reactive muscles of brain become calm during this brain taming process. . …However, here is a catch.. if you have already a Rebel Personality, you will try to resist this tip also…..Try not to oppose or resist this helpful hint. …. See if you can see any acceptable point in above suggestion ! 😊

Story of a CJI and four Advocates who desired to be designated as Senior Advocate…A must read story for those advocates who desire to be designated as Senior Advocates…


Story of a CJI and four Advocates who had approached him to be designated as Senior Advocate.

This imaginary story intends to explain a key quality which judges keep looking for in arguing advocates.

All the four advocates were well qualified, well experienced and well talented advocates.

All of them were well desrving. But CJI had power to designate only one of them as Senior Advocate.

He decided to test them and he took them in a jungle. He gave them bows and arrows and said “This is a test of your archery skill. Look around and tell me what you would like to shoot at with your arrows.”

One advocate looked around and saw a tree some 1000 mtrs away. He said I will aim and shoot that tree.

Second advocate said, in that tree, on one branch someone there is a white handkerchief tied on one branch. I will shoot that branch of tree.

Third said, on that tree, a sparrow keeps jumping from one branch to another. It is a moving target. I can shoot that.

Fourth advocate said, I can shoot an eye of that very moving bird.

The then CJI, designated the fourth advocate as Senior Advocate.

Point of the story : In every case, there are some obvious arguments. If you can see them, you are like first advocate.

In every case there are some hidden but straw arguments. These are brilliant arguments but they do not turn around a case. These are like arguments of second advocate.

In every case, where opponents are strong and manipulative, the key points can keep shifting from one side to another side. These are moving targets. The third advocate can deal with these type of arguments.

Among the shifting arguments, there is one key argument which can conclude the whole debate. To find this argument and to shoot at is like skill of the fourth advocate. (This story is revised version of ancient story of Arjuna and Dronacharya from Mahabharata)

A way to seek help from others (and God).


A way to seek help from others (and God).

1) Let them know details of your problem. And request help.
2) Leave it on them to decide to help you or not to help you. Do not ask for a reply. Let them decide how and when they may want to help you. Sometimes, they may want to help you through their contacts without coming into picture.
3) Do not ever ever think that they have a duty to help you. They may be in a high position and it may be very easy to help you. But that does not mean, that they have a duty to help you. If they helped you once, it does not mean that have duty to help you second time also.
4) The above 1 to 3 is also a good method for praying for help to God.

Six reasons why some junior advocates feel very discouraged in legal profession


πŸ‘‰ Six reasons why some junior advocates feel very discouraged in legal profession πŸ€”

1) It is not easy to find a mentor or a guide.

2) If they engage a senior advocate to assist them in a new case, they feel betrayed and their own client is lost to those seniors who impresses thier client too much.

3) Some Judges discourage, rebuke and give sermons to junior advocates instead of finding out ways to encourage them in profession.

4) When a new client comes with a case, they just do not know what material questions need to be asked for that very legal problem. They fumble by asking irrelevant questions and feel inadequacy. They try to cover up their inadequacy by lying and by giving false promises to client. But in the end, they feel more and more inadequate.

5) The clients offer very low fees to junior advocates. Sometimes what they offer is lower than the wages of a carpenter or a plumber. The economic needs of junior advocates are exploited equally by their clients as well as by their seniors.

6) In marriage market, the parents of a girl are reluctant to wed their daughter to a young junior advocate who has no family background of lawyers. Because they know that such juniors have low income in early years of their legal practice. (This view was also publicly said by 43rd Chief Justice of India, Justice T. S. Thakur) πŸ€”

Six advice to young advocates who want to make it big in legal profession.


🍁 Six advice to young advocates who want to make it big in legal profession. (These six advice are attributed to have been said by a senior advocate of District Court, Junagadh.)

1) You must be either in the court house or in your office.

2) No lobby discussion.

3) Never depend on police practices or on referring agents.

4) Only read on intervals of time, periodically, of each case,

5) Maintain your own hand written diary of of relevant case-laws and your own notebook of citations.

6) Everything you speak, mus be sugar coated.

πŸ‘Œ Secret of asking More Money πŸ’²πŸ’Ž from GodπŸ‘Œ


πŸ‘Œ Secret of asking More Money πŸ’²πŸ’Ž from GodπŸ‘Œ

Many years ago, a Parsi Senior Advocate of Gujarat High Court, in Ahmedabad, told me this πŸ‘‰ secret.

He said, “Suppose a Mother has many children. Do you know whom she will attend first? She will first attend the child who is crying the most. πŸ’“ She will attend other children later, …. who may be calm and peaceful. πŸ’š

Same is with God. If you cry for money more and more to God, He will come and will attend to you more…. But if you will say, “I am Ok. I am fine.”, then He will leave you and will go to other children who may be crying more!!!

So?… So he said, “Never say to God that “I am OK and Fine.” Just keep crying to God, keep asking for more and more money and keep trying to catch His attention more and more towards your needs. ”

In Theory : In Western Psychology, this is called Law of Attraction. Your dominant thoughts which you think whole day, attract same type of things in your life.

Proof : The proof of all theories is in its practical application in life. If you apply above principle in your life, and if you see positive results, it is a good principle. But if you apply this principle and see no results, then for you, above principle is false.

– Haresh Raichura, Advocate, Supreme Court, 9818069727