Wise decision of a lawyer : “I will handle court work. My wife will take care of my social relationships”….


Many years ago, I met a highly successful lawyer in Ahmedabad. He was a very very busy man.

His wife was also an advocate but she did not practise law.

One day he told me this.

Very early in their life they divided work.

Life of a lawyer is a very very busy life. Many times he does not even get time to attend marriage functions of relatives or such social obligations.

And if he does go to such social events, some of his clients and his work was bound to suffer.

So they decided in this way.

The husband will fully focus on legal work. And wife will take care of all social obligations like going to marriage functions of relatives, meeting relatives regularly etc.

As a result, his life got a balanced profile.

Neither his work suffered nor his social obligations to relatives suffered.

Haresh Raichura 14/10/17

Should there be a degree of “Certified Marriage and Relationship Counselors”.. in India..To help courts in matrimonial cases


Should there be a degree of “Certified Marriage and Relationship Counselors”.. in India, so that the Courts can send warring couples to such certified and qualified psychologists or para-psychologists?

At present there is no trend that the courts can refer warring couples or erring adults to undergo a six week course under supervision of a clinical psychologist.

Because such clinical psychologists are few in number.

Perhaps there need to be separate course or certificate course in marriage and relationship counselling.

If such expert services are available, they can help courts and can save many families who may be just needing a little Course Correction.

Haresh Raichura 11/10/17

Procedures before Family Welfare Committees…Grievence of a husband


Yesterday, a husband in distress, called for an advice… His case was simple. Wife had filed FIR for 498A, Dowery etc…. As per recent Supreme Court judgement, such complaint is first referred to a Welfare Committee to explore possibilities of counselling.

So his case was before Welfare Committee.

He said, the Chairman of Committee was not giving him one adjournment on his first date and was insisting in proceeding exparte if he does not come and will send the case to police to register FIR.

I was surprised. Such committes are formed to sort out issues and give some adjournments so that parties can cool down in the meantime and can see the consequences. It was surprising for me to hear that as per husband, the committee was moving extra fast in his particular case…

I refused to believe any bias against him by committee. I advised him to appear or atleast send some representative to explain his difficulty….

On second thought, I felt that such Welfare Committes too can act arbitrarily if well defined procedures for them are not laid down by Higher Courts.

Haresh Raichura 11/10/17

๐ŸŒผ Yesterday, I received a brilliant email in appreciation of my book. I have quoted the letter below as it is…


Yesterday, I received a brilliant email in appreciation of my book. I have quoted the letter below as it is without editing :

Respctd. Sir,

I am Advocate Prachi Gupta, 2015 law graduate, learning the nuanses of practicing at Delhi High Court. I was buying a Bare Act when I found your novel Tomato Soup Vol.2 with the seller and the Prefaces were so amusing that I bought it then and there.

Although I could not find Vol.1 but I have asked the seller guy to get it for me if he could, by some ways.

Honestly, I love these short snippets that happen in courts on a day to day basis and I too have inherited the “Pata hai aaj court me kya hua…!” genes from my dad who is a Sessions Judge, in Delhi Distt. Courts. Thus the lamas talking about the wiring of judges and lawyers was on point and much relatable.

The incident of a lawyer sleeping for courts been closed for 15 years was just bang on, sir!!!!

I am of no stature to review the book written by a lawyer of such a high standing, but I could not stop myself from appreciating your work sir. I hope someday I ll also be able to see my transition from an Advocate to Lawyer to Senior Advocate :D.

Barring few spelling mistakes, the book is a must read and really looking forward to “Ek tha tiger, ek thi Cow”. Aah! The counter FIRs and compromises and quashings.

I hope that Tomato Soup series does get a publisher for it to rock the stacks of Courts, Bar rooms and cafeterias. Best wishes sir. May the force be with you ๐Ÿ™‚

Sincere Regards.



This was great.
Haresh Raichura 10/10/17 The book may be found from dealer Shri Dashrath Arora, Delhi 085069 25226

Suppose if “One Category Number” is fixed for same type of cases, in courts in India?


๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŒผ Suppose if “One Category Number” is fixed for same type of cases, in courts, all over India?

Suppose there are cases were landlord is seeking eviction of tennant. Suppose all those type of cases in India are given one category number like 99999991…

Cases were landlord is above age 60, then category 99999992
Cases where landlord is a lady, then category 99999993 etc..

Cases where rape victim is below age 18 then category 88888881
Cases where rape victim is above age 40 then category 88888887

Then what will happen?

It will be easier to club for all courts in India to club all such cases in category number 99999991.

Then they can be clubbed together. The case laws on these type of cases can be easily clubbed and seen from across India from all High Courts.

If fact justice can speed up faster if a “Common all India level categories” are determined and published.

Once such list of categories is published, it can be left on all High Courts to accept it or not as per their regional requirements.. Most probably all High courts will welcome it.

May be some software engineers can also help by developing such software.

I think this can speed up justice.

Haresh Raichura 10/10/17

๐ŸŒผ๐Ÿ† Imagine ! Just Imagine what may happen if Courts permit Amazon, Flipkart, etc to serve court summonses to parties !


Imagine ! Just Imagine what may happen if Courts permit Amazon, Flipkart, etc to serve court summonses to parties !

They will not only fast serve the parties but will also upload photos of party served along with his signature on mobile software….

Then serving of parties will not be a problem for courts in India. Even if the addresses were incomplete, these private services will find out and serve the party from their database.

They will also find out mobile numbers of parties with help of Facebook, WhatsApp, Airtel and other services.

In other words, once these private process servers are allowed, the justice could be faster….much faster…

Just imagine.

Haresh Raichura 09/10/17

Waste of Drinking Water in RO Filters in India..Green Tribunal’s issue..A solution which I implemented


There is little doubt that due to RO water filters sold to millions of houses in India, large amount of drinking water goes in the drain.

If I recollect rightly, Green Tribunal too had issued notices to authorities to explore a solution. I am not aware about further state of the case.

So far as I am concerned, one day I noticed that about 120 LTR of drinking water was per day wasted in my house.

I bought a TDS meter from Amazon. I found that TDS was less than 150 in incoming water before it was filtered.

So there was no need for RO filter. I called a repair man, who converted RO Water Unit into Ultra Violet Rays filter unit.

Immediately, I began to save 120 ltr of drinking water per day.

I think in major parts of India, RO water filters are not necessary. But they are sold as sign of riches to people by marketing and advertising people.

I think laws can be improved in this area.

Haresh Raichura 8/10/17