Do you know that in 1982, there was a man named Gore, in Mumbai, who continued #Gandhiji’s “Indian Opinion” movement?


Do you know that in 1982, there was a man named Gore, in Mumbai, who continued #Gandhiji’s “Indian Opinion” movement?

Gandhiji believed in taking into confidence two types of people while pursuing any movement.

One type of people were ordinary people. Second type of people were “Important People in Important Places”. These people remained invisible but they tried to help Gandhiji without being seen.

Gandhiji published “Indian Opinion” in South Africa and its copies were sent to important people all over world, and more particularly in India.

In 1982, I saw a small four page weekly, called “Opinion” in District Library.

It’s annual subscription was only Rs.2/- per year.

On each issue postal stamp was of 5 paise only then.

It’s sole editor, printer, publisher was a man named “Gore” as per my memory.

His language was similar to that of Gandhiji. He wrote from his heart on current topics of India.

I had subscribed to it. And I read it every week.

A postman used to deliver “Opinion” to my home for only a 5 paise postal stamp.

Then this man died. His son continued to publish it.

He then increased subscription from Rs.2/- to Rs.5/- per year. I continued to subscribe. But the spirit was gone. The language now looked less heart-touching.

After few years, I lost its track.

I am not sure who in India is continuing this method of Gandhiji at present.

Haresh Raichura 05/10/17

……Yesterday, I heard that a 17year old girl drank bottle of mosquito repellent liquid…. Now Try to See Legal and Social Consequences


……Yesterday, I heard that a 17year old girl drank bottle of mosquito repellent liquid….

Now Try to See Legal and Social Consequences to her future husband and future in-Laws :-

1) Since attempt to suicide is now not considered offense, parents could get immediate treatment in hospital. The girl recovered fast. The episode ended peacefully.

2) The girl has history of being stubborn, too much demanding, mood disorders, and desires to control parents with threat to commit suicide if her wishes are not met.

3) The parents will probably hide such history from future would be husband and in laws.

4) In future, if such incident happen at her matrimonial home, her husband and in laws may probably have to see jail.

🌼 Now the constructive suggestion :

If Law is truly an instrument of social engineering, Law should ensure that pre-marriage psychological behaviour of a girl is also given due weightage while considering guilt of her husband and in-laws.

From cases, I have seen entire families going to jail due to suicide of a wife who had some borderline personality disorder.

Haresh A. Raichura

Though I practise in Supreme Court, why I never file any Public Interest Litigation on my own whims and wishes?


Though I practise in Supreme Court, I avoid to file any Public Interest Litigation on my own whims and wishes?

Today, a LinkedIn freind asked me to file a Public Interest Litigation on a subject I wrote in my blog. This prompted me to write this short note.

I replied to her as under;

“I believe in Bhagwad Gita’s stanza which says, “He who does not start anything on his own is dear to me”…..

So I do not start any battles on my own.

Unless I am retained and asked by someone to file a PIL, I avoid acting on my own wishes even if the subject may be of interest to me.

This principle makes me detached about whether I fail or win in the battle. It prevents me from being disappointed or elated with hopes of publicity and TV interviews.

I prefer to be instrument in the hands of God and His Wishes expressed through others.

I believe that only those who have some kind of mandate or responsibility to act, should file PIL.

I think this is what I truly believe.

Haresh A.Raichura

My name MK Gandhi. I am Dead. But it will not make difference if you will spare 60 seconds to read this post..


“Resist no evil except with love and non violence” – Even if I am the only person on Earth to practice this, I will continue to make my experiments with this proposition. It is proved that Evil in the world cannot be reduced by producing counter balancing evil force. It is yet to be proved that Love and Non violence can reduce total quantity of evil in the world… I am dead. But I hope someone else somewhere in the world will continue to experiment with this proposition.

There was an advocate who used to impress all Judges even if he was not very intelligent. He had one habit. He used to..


S-12 There was an advocate who used to impress all Judges even if he was not very intelligent. He had one habit. He used to carry with him SCC caselaw Digest of current year in whichever Court he went and whatever may be the case. Judges used to presume that he knew latest law. In those days, SCC digests used be thinner one. It was easy to carry with file. Nowadays SCC digests are so thick that it is impossible to carry. It is difficult even to lift and open it. I wish someone should request SCC publisher Eastern Book Company to publish smaller volumes. Haresh Raichura 1/10/2016

S-270 An Example of How To Think Like A Lawyer : If you are Law Students or Litigants, this post may benifit you.


Yesterday, I received a very interesting from a Facebook freind and Law Student Khushali Singh. With her permission I have reproduced it below. On basis of this, I will try to explain “How to Think Like A Lawyer”. I may not reply the actual questions.

The Message

“sir m a law student i read your blog so end up asking u the doubt……arouse in my mind. .”

“in the case where the bike rider hit the lady crossing the road it was not his mistake… it was a 4 lane highway the biker has to maintain his minimal speed,he took every possible ways to save her,so he got major injuries. now the point comes”

“if fir lodged by the padestrine son, now wat steps the rider can take…….his vehicle is with the police and investigation going to be proceed do, rider can file the suit before the other party takes action”

“also the bike rider is liable to seek compensation?(pedestrine negligence) if then how. ……. many rider not being actual culprits falls in the problem because of lack of knowledge.”

Now here are my suggestions about “How to Think Like A Lawyer”

Rule 1 : Do not try to think at all if question is hypothetical or imaginary. Our minds are highly intellectual and they go on thinking, thinking and overthinking. The Judges also refuse to decide hypothetical questions. They don’t start applying their minds to cases seen and debated on TV or in newspapers. It is a bad habit in which law students and junior lawyers fall early in their career.

Only examine real facts which have 1) Actually happened and are brought on your table, and 2) On which your opinion is asked for by someone affacted by the outcome of case.

Rule 2 : Just as human body has flesh, blood, bones, heart etc, a legal case also has bones, meat, blood, heart etc. In above stories what are the bones? The bones are documents. They are hard. They can be touched. In above story there is a reference to a FIR. That is a bone. Start study with it first. Hear rest of story later.

Rule – 3 Ask, “For whom we have to argue?” In above story, you may have to argue for a biker. Or you may have to argue for the Lady or her son. Both arguments go in opposite directions because we have adversial litigation system. So decide first, for who you have to prepare case.

If you will have to think for bike rider, you will begin to see faults of lady and her son. You will begin to see laws which are in favour of biker and which are against the Lady who got hit.

If you have to prepare case for Lady and her son, you will begin to see, Laws which are against the biker.

This is in breif, how to think like a lawyer.

I have not given actual answer to the problem because I follow Rule 1 above. For me this is a hypothetical case and until someone gives me this case and asks me to give opinion on this, after giving real FIR and facts, then only I need to start thinking over this.

Haresh Raichura 30/9/2017

​S-117 Should there be a Help Line Number in High Courts to guide young lawyers and Law students if they need clarification on some points of law?


Should there be a Help Line Number in High Courts to guide young lawyers and Law students if they need clarification on some points of law?
I don’t know. But until such things happen, law students and young lawyers can call me on +919818069727 preferably between 6pm to 7pm if they need any clarification on any points of law. This will be without obligation. I may not know all the answers, but I will try to guide.
I write this because three months ago a Karnataka Law Student asked me if he can ask me some clarification on a question relating to moot court preparation.
I said no.
Even then, yesterday, he called me and tried to seek some clarification on these points of law. I gave him some answers reluctantly. But he felt delighted to learn the answer.
I then reflected, could he not have asked these questions to law professors? Or to some local lawyer freinds?
It seemed to me that he could not have. The professors may not have answered him as the questions could have been answered only by someone who has experience of practising  in these areas of law.
This led me to think that if there is such a Help Line number in every High Court, the law students and new Lawyers can benefit immensely. 
Hence, I have written this.
Haresh Raichura  7/4/17