​S-109 Best Compliment received from a senior advocate in trial court about a book.  


Some about 8 years ago, I self published a book called “Tomato Soup for Lawyers and Judges – Soul Enriching Poems for Judges and Lawyers.”  

Since Law publishers were not interested in publishing this type of books, I self published and then sold 1000 copies of book through a footpath vendor. Some books were sold. Rest were given away free to Lawyers. 
Then one month ago, when I visited a District Court, a Senior Lawyer said that he not only remembers my book, but he also keeps my book always on his desk in office. 
This was a great compliment.
Another great compliment came from a Former Addl. Solicitor General. He wrote to me if he could frame one of my poem and could keep it on wall of his client’s waiting room ! The name of this poem was “Goddess of Law”. This was a great compliment.
After some years, a Junior Advocate in Supreme Court told me that he once worked as intern of this Addl Solicitor General. And then he added, he was the one who had gone to Khan Market to frame my poem. This was again a great compliment. 
I always remember a poem of Khalil Gibran. This poem says, when a poet is alive, he lives in poverty and his poems are scattered in his hut. And 200 hundred years after his death, people recognise value in his poems and then they make his statue in middle of a city…. 
Such are the lives of poets….
Haresh Raichura 24/3/2017

​S-108 Story of a Lawyer who killed a businessman but sent a Judge to jail for murder of the businessman


This story was first written and published by me some years ago in a book titled “Tomato Soup for Judges and Lawyers Vol.1 “.

The following is short version of this story.
At Goa beach, three freinds were sitting. One was a businessman. Another was a Criminal Lawyer. Third one was a Judge in a trial court.
The businessman broke the news and said, “Computers are coming. Judges and Lawyers will be replaced by ATM machines. You feed some data in ATM machine, and a judgement will come. One year jail for one knife blow, two years jail for two knife blow and so on.. Push another button and Appeal Court Judgement will come. Push third button and Supreme Court Judgement will come out.’
“Oh, no.” said the Criminal Lawyer, “You really do not know how criminal law works. Let me show you how it works”.
Then the Criminal Lawyer pulled out a revolver from his pocket and killed the businessman then and there. Then he called police and asked them to take away dead body of business man.
Police came and arrested the Lawyer and the Judge both on charge of Murder of businessman. IPC 302/34.
The District Court granted bail to lawyer but refused bail to judge on the ground that as per police papapers, revolver was found from pocket of the Judge.
The Judge appealed to High Court. High Court dismissed his appeal and ordered departmental inquiry to dismiss the Judge since he had gone to Goa without permission from District Judge.
The Judge then appealed to Supreme Court. 
The Supreme Court asked his Counsel, “Why did your client went to Goa with a Criminal Lawyer in the first place? Didn’t he know that a snake remains hidden in sleeves of every lawyer? And anyway, who informed the police? Your client did not inform the police.” 

Supreme Court then dismissed the Judge’s appeal.
His Counsel wrote to the Judge who was in jail, “Do not worry. After some years, you can move another bail application.”
This short story ends here.
Haresh Raichura 24/3/2017

​No Democracy is strong unless it’s Lawyers and Judges are strong. 


Lawyers should be strong enough to fight against highest people in power. Judges should be strong enough to resist temptations and fears of the highest people in power. 

This is possible only if Lawyers are well paid, well disciplined and are well organised. 
When any prolonged litigation ends, the strong party should be directed to pay cost of Lawyers who fought for the weakest party. 
Justice is Justice only when cost of getting justice is also paid to the weak. 
In present system, the weak labourer is too frequently dragged upto the highest court by corporate Litigants. 
The favourite style of such Litigants is to remain absent in trial court and then to challange judgement of trial court to Highest Court on ground that it is an exparte judgement and they were not heard! They pay their Lawyers well but the other side poor litigant is drained out and is very often beaten out from the quest for justice.
Haresh Raichura 23/3/17

​S-106 Story of a Judge Who Refused to Grant adjournment on ground that the lawyer was unprepared 


I read this story about 40 years ago in some English book. But I remember this story till today.

Once upon a time there was a Judge who never gave any adjournment to any lawyer on ground that the lawyer is unprepared to argue and needed some time to prepare.
Then one day, a Junior Advocate submitted an adjournment application to him on ground that on that day he was not prepared to argue.
Judge was about to dismiss his application, when Yamraj (God of Death) appeared before him to take him away.
Judge pleaded before Yamraj that he was not yet prepared on that day and he wanted some time to make his last will etc..
Yamraj looked kindly at him.
So the Judge looked kindly at the Junior advocate and granted his application for time.
Just then, the Yamraj rejected Judge’s prayer for time.
So the Judge, before dying, snatched back application of adjournment by Junior Advocate, cancelled his earlier order granting time and rejected his application for more time and then he died peacefully as Yamraj took him away 
Moral of the story: All Lawyers know moral of this story. Need not be said here… 
Haresh Raichura 21/3/2017

Nature of A Judge’s Work


A Judge once said, “We are not Divine people. But we are required to perform tasks of the Divine.” 
He meant to say, “We are not Gods. But we are required to perform duties of God.”

​S-105 What a young lawyer should do if he or she wants to shift to practice in Supreme Court?


This is what I myself did.

In 1990, I was practising as Advocate in Gujarat High Court in Ahmedabad.
I was married and I had one year old son. Someone mentioned to me that if I wish to shift to Supreme Court, I should do it now when son is young. After children start going to school, it is difficult to migrate.
My wife, one year old son and I, came to Delhi and we visited Supreme Court. Here no one knew us. We just wandered in lobby of Supreme Court. We stood near a pillor for about half an hour. At that time, no entry pass needed to enter in Supreme Court.
And then we asked our hearts, should we shift here? Will we survive here? Our hearts said yes.
By evening train, we returned from Delhi to Ahmedabad. In train, we considered about practical aspects our desire to shift to Supreme Court.
There was no one in Ahmedabad to sponsor us. We knew no one in Delhi. We had no relatives or support in Delhi.
We examined our financial savings. 
We had savings enough to maintain ourselves for six months in Delhi. So, for six months, even if no lawyer in High Court referred us cases for Supreme Court, we could still live on our own savings for six months. 
Thereafter, we would be at mercy of God. 
We pondered over this. 
Next month, we shifted to Delhi to practise in Supreme Court. 
Fortunately, we survived. We survived because God helped us. 
Some friendly junior Lawyers in Ahmedabad, referred some cases now and then. This helped us to survive in costly city of Delhi.
There was not much logic in our decision. The risks and survival trauma we suffered are unspeakable. 
I do not advice others to follow in my steps. We lived here, with one small child,  on week to week and month to month survival budgets. 
We lived by faith in God.
Haresh Raichura 17/3/2017

​S-102  I think you are a Mysterious Man. You encourage me, inspire me and make my day good even if


 I think you are a Mysterious Man. You encourage me, inspire me and make my day good even if you are neither my relative nor friend and though we have never met.
5000 years ago, there was a similar Mysterious Man named Krishna Vasudev Yadav. He also used to guide and encourage me even if I was not his relative or friend.
Haresh Raichura 4/3/17