Blue cases of junior advocates


In their first cases, junior lawyers often forget everything when they stand up before the judge. Their mind go blank and they forget whatever they may have prepared to argue. These are called “Blue Cases” and they happen almost once or twice in life of all lawyer.

In 1988, I gave case to a junior advocate to argue as his first case. Case was good and High Court was sure to admit. I coached junior about what should he argue and assured him that he would succeed in his first case.

However, when he stood up before Judge, his mind went blank and he forgot everything. Judge was kind, so he prompted him to read his prayer in petition. The Junior began to read, “Your Lordships may be graciously pleased to issue writ of mandmus….” The Judge said al’right and admitted petition without troubling junior advocate further.

What I wish to say is this that in initial years, we all advocates are bound to make some blunders. It is natural. These are blue cases. Everyone has to pass through them once or twice in early years. There is nothing to feel ashamed about it.

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