Are Private Companies bound to give maternity leave to employees?


“Maternity Leave Fight” reached Supreme Court first in 1964.

The five judges bench gave verdict that even Private Companies cannot put a condition that an unmarried woman will have to leave service, if she marries.

The main objection of company was such that a married woman may ask for “Maternity leave” when she may become pregnant.

The objection was rejected by Supreme Court.
( Civil Appeal No.274 of 1964 dt.3/11/65)

After 54 years from that SC judgement, private companies still have reservations about giving “Maternity Leave”.

Now they put condition that if married woman will ask for Maternity Leave, her salary for that period will be cut off. It will be leave without pay….

The fight goes on ….

1/5/2018 Reposted on 1/5/2019