🤔SP-8 What Life Should Mean To You. Four points I understood from Alfred Adler.


What Life Should Mean To You. Four points I understood from Alfred Adler.

1) In childhood, when basic bricks were being formed in our toddler brain, we saw that every one else in the world is bigger and stronger than us. Then we learned that we have to weep or to do something funny to attract attention, love and food. Our life tracks were then formed. We developed a) Striving for being Superior and Stronger than others b) We developed constant Striving for Recognition by others.

2) In Life, we should first develop roots (earning resources) at place where we are born or live.

3) Secondly, we should develop a stable and loved family. This is a psychological cum biological drive or need.

4) Thirdly, we should have balance in our social circle and life.

As per Alfred Adler, any disturbance in 2,3,4 leads to unrest and psychological problems in life of an Individual.

If we go in excess on point 1, we suffer perils and rejections by world. This point has to be pursued mildly, preferably in a concealed way in order to avoid troubles from the world.

Now try to check these points in real life around you. Try to check your own strivings and struggle in life.