Story of An Advocate on Record who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease and how few letters made it easy for him to die peacefully in his village.


I first saw him in about 1991, sitting in Library No. 2 in Supreme Court. He was now and then shaking up with spasms in whole body. On inquiry, I found that he was an Advocate on Record and he was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. His name was V.

I approached him and asked if he would sign my cases for Fee of Rs.500/-. At that time I was not AOR, so I needed some AOR to sign my cases. He agreed to sign my cases on condition that he will have to read my grounds before signing it.

I signed few cases through him. One day I asked him why he was not going away to his village since his disease was worsening day by day.

He said he had not enough money to go back to village. Secondly, medicines were costing him Rs.500/- per day. Twice circulars were circulated to members of Bar for help. Some help comes if he stays here. Further here he makes some money by signing in cases of other Advocates. This helps him to buy medicines.

After two days, I wrote a letter to Hon’ble Chief Justice M.N.Venkatchalliah and four other senior Judges of Supreme Court, describing plight of this Advocate on Record.

Then I forgot about letters. I did not tell that Advocate or to anyone about the letters which I had posted.

After one month, I did not see him in Lib.No.2. On inquiry I was told by his friends that he had gone back to his village. A senior advocate named A had donated a huge amount for his welfare. He was sent with six months medicines in advance. A fixed Deposit was created so that from its interest, every month costly medicines can be sent to him.

After about 3 years, I read a circular in Bar announcing that this Advocate on Record has passed away peacefully in his village.

It is now 25 years. Till today I have not told this story to anyone in Supreme Court Bar or to anyone else. Today that Advocate on Record is no more. The Senior Advocate who had donated huge amount has also passed away.

I think this story need to be told. Hence I have written today.
Haresh Raichura 17/10/16