What are chances of an introvert personality in legal profession?


When there was Jury system in India, eloquence mattered. But after abolition of Jury system, it matters little whether a person is introvert or extrovert.

In most courts, arguments are by way of conversation. Judges put a question to you and you have to answer that question. Introvert people have no difficulty in answering questions.

Extrovert people are more outgoing and they have more contacts. This is their advantage.

On the other hand, introvert people prefer to stay in library and read cases and case laws. They may be therefore more prepared. This is their advantage.

I am myself an introvert person. I prefer to avoid social parties and instead I prefer to read books and caselaw digests.

When I joined a district court bar, one advocate said to another, “He can’t even speak. How will he succeed in advocacy?”.

After four years, when I had shifted to High Court, the President of District Court bar called a meeting in my honour and introduced me as Pride of Bar and then he suddenly asked me to give a speech. I was not prepared. I just said, “Thank You”, and sat down.

Being introvert has not come in my way in advocacy.

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