🤔 Is it possible to add Psychotherapy to present Court Mediation Centres dealing with disputes of married couples?

Recently Supreme Court underlined magic benefits of mediations in one case reported in 2018(7) SCALE 288 Meena versus Bhargav.

It noted that Egoist attitudes and acrimony between parties were dissolved during Mediation process.

Same thing has been stated few years back by great psychotherapist Irvin Yalom in his Award Winning novel “When Nietzsche Wept”.

It says that “Talking itself is a therapy and it heals emotional wounds”.

To my mind only difference between Mediation and Psychotherapy is number of sessions. Mediations are dropped if within few dates, reconciliation is not possible. On the other hand, aim of psychotherapy is to heal. So if wounds are deep, he may suggest 6 to 12 “Talk Sessions”. As per psychotherapists, more a person will talk, the more he will become healed”.

If numbers of Mediation Sessions are extended, then there may be costs. But the parties may have to talk more and they may get healed more.

2. In fact if Yalom’s Group Psychotherapy methods are applied, mediation can begin in groups and then costs can be reduced, results can come faster.

Here three to six people having same problems sits together and talks among them under supervision of a skilled psychotherapist.