If you have a Rebel Personality….


😊 If, if…your inner personality is of “Rebel”… you will resist every helpful hint you see here. In fact you try to resist and dislike everyone who may be trying to give you helpful suggestions in your life and career… You react aggressively everytime someone is trying to give you some helpful hint…This is natural for you if you have a “Rebel” personality. I had once such a “Rebel” personality and I have suffered because of this upto a point where I may have lost my life in early years in legal profession.. Focusing on breathing for about 5 minutes a day or more is the one way to tame a reactive and Rebel mind… When you are focusing on incoming and outgoing breath, it is impossible for brain to react to anything else… This is the only brain taming method known since 5000 years….Earliest mention of this method is in GITA.(Pranayam)… Today’s neuroscience has confirmed this with MRI scans of brain. When a man is focusing on breath… It shows that reactive muscles of brain become calm during this brain taming process. . …However, here is a catch.. if you have already a Rebel Personality, you will try to resist this tip also…..Try not to oppose or resist this helpful hint. …. See if you can see any acceptable point in above suggestion ! 😊