Six reasons why some junior advocates feel very discouraged in legal profession


👉 Six reasons why some junior advocates feel very discouraged in legal profession 🤔

1) It is not easy to find a mentor or a guide.

2) If they engage a senior advocate to assist them in a new case, they feel betrayed and their own client is lost to those seniors who impresses thier client too much.

3) Some Judges discourage, rebuke and give sermons to junior advocates instead of finding out ways to encourage them in profession.

4) When a new client comes with a case, they just do not know what material questions need to be asked for that very legal problem. They fumble by asking irrelevant questions and feel inadequacy. They try to cover up their inadequacy by lying and by giving false promises to client. But in the end, they feel more and more inadequate.

5) The clients offer very low fees to junior advocates. Sometimes what they offer is lower than the wages of a carpenter or a plumber. The economic needs of junior advocates are exploited equally by their clients as well as by their seniors.

6) In marriage market, the parents of a girl are reluctant to wed their daughter to a young junior advocate who has no family background of lawyers. Because they know that such juniors have low income in early years of their legal practice. (This view was also publicly said by 43rd Chief Justice of India, Justice T. S. Thakur) 🤔