Story of A Lawyer who does not want to make Will of his properties…


🍁 Story of A Lawyer who does not want to make Will of his properties 🙏

In 1964, he was in a Govt Job. He resigned and became an advocate.

On his very first day of his training under a senior lawyer, his senior sent him to file some bail bonds.

On his way, in court compound, he met a man who asked him,”Will you take my case?”

The advocate replied reluctantly that “Today is my first day. And I have yet a lot to learn.”

The man said, “Doesn’t matter. I want only a young junior advocate for my case.” He gave him case and gave him Rs.1100/- for his first fee. This was equal to two month salary of his govt job from which he had resigned.

Advocate went to home and placed his first fee in hands of his mother.

Years rolled by. Now he has three sons. He has his own three storied house. He is in his post retirement age.

He decided that he does not want to make Will of his properties. He had fought many cases of Will and had learned how relatives fight over a Will.

He called middle son and gave him middle floor of house. He called younger son and gave him ground floor. He called elder son and gave him third floor.

The photographs of sons standing in portions of their flats were taken. Family partition deed was made and registered.

He gave basement on rent for his income.

Today he is aged 85 years and he is living a happy life. He does need to make any Will of his properties.

He set an example of living a planned life.🍁🍁🍁