Have trouble setting good intentions and good goals?..


Have trouble setting good intentions and good goals? The following thought or Mantra may help :- ” The Best will be the Lot of Wise Man who speaks Truth.”

Focusing on this thought or believing in this thought will automatically raise “Good Intent” from within you. Such is the power of these 12 words.

As per my interpretation, this thought brings focus on three things. 1) There should be a lot, a gathering or group of people. Not one or two persons. 2) This group or lot must be of people who are Wise. 3) These wise people must be those who have habit of speaking truth.

There may be another interpretation that “A lot which belongs to a Wise Man is good”. .. But either way, this Mantra generstes automatically good intents from within.

Once our focus grows on this thought, the “Good Intent” must start rising from within us effortlessly.

The above quote or thought is inspired from translation of a Gatha in the book, page 120, in – “The Inner Fire: Faith, Choice, and Modern-day Living in Zoroastrianism” by Rohinton F. Nariman.