🍁Justice K.T. Thomas Way of doing justice to parties🍁🙏 How to distinguish between a real flower and an artificial flower


I remember that at that time, I was sitting in Court No.4 in Supreme Court when former Justice K. T. Thomas told this story.

🍁 In one kingdom, there was a wise man. Once a challenge was made to this wise man.

Two flowers were brought to him. One was an artificial flower. And another was a real flower.

Both the flowers looked exactly same. It was difficult to say which was real and which was fake. The flowers were kept at a distance.

Now the wisevman was challenged to tell which of the two flower was real flower.

The wise man looked for some time at two flowers and then pointed at the real flower.

The King was amazed. He asked wise man how could he pick up real flower.

The wise man replied, “There was a bee which was hovering over the real flower.”🍁

Justice Thomas then said, that whenever he was in doubt, he always looked for the “bee” and then he used to give justice accordingly.

🍁Probably by word “Bee” he meant to say “some hint and intuition.”

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