A 1947 Case of Theft of A Wrist Watch which resulted in transfer of two Magistrates..A case to show….


🍁A 1947 Case of Theft of A Wrist Watch which resulted in transfer of two Magistrates..A case to show how Higher Judiciary in those days worked.πŸ™

🍁 A man lodged a complaint in court that his son’s wrist watch was stolen by nephew of a Police Inspector.

🍁 Case was adjourned for one date after the another date because the Magistrate did not wish to displease the Police Inspector.

🍁 The man wrote a letter to high court. And next week, the Magistrate was transferred.

🍁 New Magistrate came. He looked at this peculiar case because of which his predecessor judge was transferred.

🍁 He adjourned the case for one week. And then called the Complainant and the Police Inspector at his residence. He pressurised the complaint to withdraw the case.

🍁 The complainant said proudly, “My name is Chhagan Bhovan. I do not withdraw my case which is true. I do not give in to injustice or to pressures.”

🍁The Magistrate said with equal pride, “Then my name is Maganbhai and you will see that your case is never decided.”

🍁 Next week, the Judge Mohanbhai simply adjourned the case for a month. The Chhagan Bhovan then wrote a letter to High Court again.

🍁 Next week, the Second Judge Mohanbhai was transferred. He was not only transferred, but he was also forced to resign by High Court…..He resigned and started advocacy.

🍁 Now the case was before a third Magistrate. He looked at the case because of which two previous magistrates were transferred.

🍁 Then he asked Chhagan Bhovan, “How could you say with so certainty the this wrist watch belongs to your son?”

🍁 Chhagan Bhavan replied, “Open the backside lid of wrist watch. In it, name of my son is engraved”.

🍁 The Judge called watch repairer. The backside lid of wrist watch was opened. There, the name of son of Chhagan Bhovan was engraved in small letters as “P.C.Thakkar”…..!!!

🍁 The Complainant won the case. The nephew of Police Inspector was convicted.

🍁 This case happened in court of Vadia village of Gujarat. The second Judge who had to resign because of this case, practised as advocate in nearby village Bagsara village for many years. The full name of complainant was Chhagan Bhovan Khunadiya. (Thakkar) #TrueStory

🍁 I write this post to salute the complainant Chhagan Bhovan and to salute judges of High Court in those days who used to take prompt actions to maintain faith of people in Judiciary.. …

🍁Even today we have got good justices in High Court who take prompt actions, … But somehow such stories are not reported to public.πŸ˜”

Haresh Raichura (12/12/2017