Wise decision of a lawyer : “I will handle court work. My wife will take care of my social relationships”….


Many years ago, I met a highly successful lawyer in Ahmedabad. He was a very very busy man.

His wife was also an advocate but she did not practise law.

One day he told me this.

Very early in their life they divided work.

Life of a lawyer is a very very busy life. Many times he does not even get time to attend marriage functions of relatives or such social obligations.

And if he does go to such social events, some of his clients and his work was bound to suffer.

So they decided in this way.

The husband will fully focus on legal work. And wife will take care of all social obligations like going to marriage functions of relatives, meeting relatives regularly etc.

As a result, his life got a balanced profile.

Neither his work suffered nor his social obligations to relatives suffered.

Haresh Raichura 14/10/17