Procedures before Family Welfare Committees…Grievence of a husband


Yesterday, a husband in distress, called for an advice… His case was simple. Wife had filed FIR for 498A, Dowery etc…. As per recent Supreme Court judgement, such complaint is first referred to a Welfare Committee to explore possibilities of counselling.

So his case was before Welfare Committee.

He said, the Chairman of Committee was not giving him one adjournment on his first date and was insisting in proceeding exparte if he does not come and will send the case to police to register FIR.

I was surprised. Such committes are formed to sort out issues and give some adjournments so that parties can cool down in the meantime and can see the consequences. It was surprising for me to hear that as per husband, the committee was moving extra fast in his particular case…

I refused to believe any bias against him by committee. I advised him to appear or atleast send some representative to explain his difficulty….

On second thought, I felt that such Welfare Committes too can act arbitrarily if well defined procedures for them are not laid down by Higher Courts.

Haresh Raichura 11/10/17