Suppose if “One Category Number” is fixed for same type of cases, in courts in India?


💞🌼 Suppose if “One Category Number” is fixed for same type of cases, in courts, all over India?

Suppose there are cases were landlord is seeking eviction of tennant. Suppose all those type of cases in India are given one category number like 99999991…

Cases were landlord is above age 60, then category 99999992
Cases where landlord is a lady, then category 99999993 etc..

Cases where rape victim is below age 18 then category 88888881
Cases where rape victim is above age 40 then category 88888887

Then what will happen?

It will be easier to club for all courts in India to club all such cases in category number 99999991.

Then they can be clubbed together. The case laws on these type of cases can be easily clubbed and seen from across India from all High Courts.

If fact justice can speed up faster if a “Common all India level categories” are determined and published.

Once such list of categories is published, it can be left on all High Courts to accept it or not as per their regional requirements.. Most probably all High courts will welcome it.

May be some software engineers can also help by developing such software.

I think this can speed up justice.

Haresh Raichura 10/10/17