​S-115 How to restore Good Values of Legal Profession.


There are two lines. One is small line. It represents good values of legal profession.
Second line is very big. It represent bad values of legal profession. 
You can increase good value of legal profession by cutting short bad values of legal profession. This is a bleeding process. Here force is used to remove bad values of profession. 
Another way is to make the small line (of good value) big by using a  chalk stick and by making this small line far bigger than the line of bad value. This is Gandhian method. It involves love. Instead of force, love is used.
How this can be done? 
Values are higher than ethics.
Good values are transferred from one generation of Lawyers to another generation of Lawyers by Word of Mouth.
Once I dropped few letters to Supreme Court Judges about need to restore Values. None of them replied. But from next month, a new program was started by Supreme Court Bar Association. Every 15 days, a top lawyer of Supreme Court was invited by Bar to give a talk to junior Lawyers about heritage of values of this profession.
This went on for about two months. We learned many things. But then after two months, Bar discontinued these program. 
In my young age, I went in public library and learned about values of profession by reading autobiographies of great Lawyers and Judges. I had read autobiographies of Chief Justice M C Mahajan, Justice M C Chagla, M.C. Setlvad, Books of Lord Denning, Justice Oliver Holmes etc.
Recently I also read autobiography of Fali Nariman on Kindle Amazon Digital edition.
If published, I would like to read Autobiography of Justice M B Shah if he ever writes and publishes. 
Unfortunately, good Judges and good Lawyers are not writing and publishing their autobiography. 
I also read a biography of Justice Antonin Scalia, Judge of US Supreme Court who died recently. 
Such books not only introduce us to good values of profession, but they also help us to see new horizons of Law.
Haresh Raichura 30/3/17