​S-114 Senior Advocate’s Rule to visit house of his juniors.


In 1986, I had just joined chamber of a my Senior Vasant J. Desai. In next week after I had joined,  he pointed out to me that he has a Rule to see the house of Junior who joins his chamber.
So I took him to my house for a cup of tea. He looked around in my house.
Next day, he asked, “Don’t you have a fridge in your home?”
I said, we are planning to buy one after few months. 
He called a distributer of fridge. Next day a fridge was in my house on credit terms of whenever I can pay, I can pay. There were no hard and fast EMI conditions. No cheques were taken for security. 
This senior has profound effect on my thoughts and values. In court rooms, the Judges as well as other seniors,  used to give me respect the moment they learn that I am in office of Vasant J. Desai. One day, I will write at lenghth about him.
In Supreme Court, there has been only one Senior Advocate who had once visited my house to see the conditions in which I lived. 
His name is Justice Fakhruddin. 
The contributions of these seniors have been great in my life.

Haresh Raichura 30/3/17