​S-108 Story of a Lawyer who killed a businessman but sent a Judge to jail for murder of the businessman


This story was first written and published by me some years ago in a book titled “Tomato Soup for Judges and Lawyers Vol.1 “.

The following is short version of this story.
At Goa beach, three freinds were sitting. One was a businessman. Another was a Criminal Lawyer. Third one was a Judge in a trial court.
The businessman broke the news and said, “Computers are coming. Judges and Lawyers will be replaced by ATM machines. You feed some data in ATM machine, and a judgement will come. One year jail for one knife blow, two years jail for two knife blow and so on.. Push another button and Appeal Court Judgement will come. Push third button and Supreme Court Judgement will come out.’
“Oh, no.” said the Criminal Lawyer, “You really do not know how criminal law works. Let me show you how it works”.
Then the Criminal Lawyer pulled out a revolver from his pocket and killed the businessman then and there. Then he called police and asked them to take away dead body of business man.
Police came and arrested the Lawyer and the Judge both on charge of Murder of businessman. IPC 302/34.
The District Court granted bail to lawyer but refused bail to judge on the ground that as per police papapers, revolver was found from pocket of the Judge.
The Judge appealed to High Court. High Court dismissed his appeal and ordered departmental inquiry to dismiss the Judge since he had gone to Goa without permission from District Judge.
The Judge then appealed to Supreme Court. 
The Supreme Court asked his Counsel, “Why did your client went to Goa with a Criminal Lawyer in the first place? Didn’t he know that a snake remains hidden in sleeves of every lawyer? And anyway, who informed the police? Your client did not inform the police.” 

Supreme Court then dismissed the Judge’s appeal.
His Counsel wrote to the Judge who was in jail, “Do not worry. After some years, you can move another bail application.”
This short story ends here.
Haresh Raichura 24/3/2017