​S-109 Best Compliment received from a senior advocate in trial court about a book.  


Some about 8 years ago, I self published a book called “Tomato Soup for Lawyers and Judges – Soul Enriching Poems for Judges and Lawyers.”  

Since Law publishers were not interested in publishing this type of books, I self published and then sold 1000 copies of book through a footpath vendor. Some books were sold. Rest were given away free to Lawyers. 
Then one month ago, when I visited a District Court, a Senior Lawyer said that he not only remembers my book, but he also keeps my book always on his desk in office. 
This was a great compliment.
Another great compliment came from a Former Addl. Solicitor General. He wrote to me if he could frame one of my poem and could keep it on wall of his client’s waiting room ! The name of this poem was “Goddess of Law”. This was a great compliment.
After some years, a Junior Advocate in Supreme Court told me that he once worked as intern of this Addl Solicitor General. And then he added, he was the one who had gone to Khan Market to frame my poem. This was again a great compliment. 
I always remember a poem of Khalil Gibran. This poem says, when a poet is alive, he lives in poverty and his poems are scattered in his hut. And 200 hundred years after his death, people recognise value in his poems and then they make his statue in middle of a city…. 
Such are the lives of poets….
Haresh Raichura 24/3/2017