​No Democracy is strong unless it’s Lawyers and Judges are strong. 


Lawyers should be strong enough to fight against highest people in power. Judges should be strong enough to resist temptations and fears of the highest people in power. 

This is possible only if Lawyers are well paid, well disciplined and are well organised. 
When any prolonged litigation ends, the strong party should be directed to pay cost of Lawyers who fought for the weakest party. 
Justice is Justice only when cost of getting justice is also paid to the weak. 
In present system, the weak labourer is too frequently dragged upto the highest court by corporate Litigants. 
The favourite style of such Litigants is to remain absent in trial court and then to challange judgement of trial court to Highest Court on ground that it is an exparte judgement and they were not heard! They pay their Lawyers well but the other side poor litigant is drained out and is very often beaten out from the quest for justice.
Haresh Raichura 23/3/17