​S-106 Story of a Judge Who Refused to Grant adjournment on ground that the lawyer was unprepared 


I read this story about 40 years ago in some English book. But I remember this story till today.

Once upon a time there was a Judge who never gave any adjournment to any lawyer on ground that the lawyer is unprepared to argue and needed some time to prepare.
Then one day, a Junior Advocate submitted an adjournment application to him on ground that on that day he was not prepared to argue.
Judge was about to dismiss his application, when Yamraj (God of Death) appeared before him to take him away.
Judge pleaded before Yamraj that he was not yet prepared on that day and he wanted some time to make his last will etc..
Yamraj looked kindly at him.
So the Judge looked kindly at the Junior advocate and granted his application for time.
Just then, the Yamraj rejected Judge’s prayer for time.
So the Judge, before dying, snatched back application of adjournment by Junior Advocate, cancelled his earlier order granting time and rejected his application for more time and then he died peacefully as Yamraj took him away 
Moral of the story: All Lawyers know moral of this story. Need not be said here… 
Haresh Raichura 21/3/2017