​S-90 A busy lawyer usually remains half a day busy even on Sunday….


A busy lawyer usually remains half a day busy even on Sunday. The clients meeting are scheduled either in morning or in evening. 
If there are no meeting scheduled, a trial court Advocate looks up cases coming up in next week. He looks up witnesses to be examined and prepared, and cases which are listed for arguments in next week.
Some Advocates have routine to go through new law reports which may have come in office during last week.
I have seen a very senior advocate doing something unusual. 
He switches of lights of his cabin. He switches of mobile phone. Neither his clerk nor his family is to disturb him for two hours. 
Then sitting in darkness, he visualises the Court and Judges before whom he has to argue. Then before them he start rehearsal of his argument in theatre of his Mind. During the rehersal he memorises page number, citations and his submissions and his counter arguments.
Then next day when he argues in Court, he can argue impressively, effortlessly even without touching paperbook of his case.
I do not say that we can follow his method. He studied law in a top US university and then he actually practiced there for one year before returning to India to practise in Supreme Court. 
His methods are bound to be superior to methods taught to us in our colleges in India. 
This is the reason why we Lawyers are against right of foreign Lawyers to practice in India.
It is to be seen how far we can stop them.
Haresh Raichura 26/2/17