​S-87  Three Blind Lawyers. 


1) I saw first blind lawyer few years ago in Court No. 4 in Supreme Court. He was arguing a case. He had come from some town. He was assisted by a junior. 

2) About second blind lawyer, I have only heard. I heard about him that he practises in some small town Courts. He was a succesful lawyer but later he went blind. He still has  flourishing practice. He listens to case of his clients. If any pleading or document is required to be read, his junior reads out. Then he dictates the case and also argues in Court with assistance of his junior Advocate.
3) I heard about third lawyer-in-making. He is a law student and is undergoing training under a Judge. He has Text-to-speech software in his laptop. So he can listen to judgements in laptop and can take down notes in brail language and he can thus assit Judge by doing research in law softwares. He can read ( listen with text-to-speech software) all other legal documents if they are already typed in computer. 
I think this is great.
Haresh Raichura 18/2/2017