​S-68 Tips for Young Advocates : How many Laws a Lawyer need to know ?


 How many Laws a Lawyer need to know ?
There are thousand and thousands of laws. How many Laws a Lawyer needs to know? 
When I was a young lawyer, a senior advocate told me this trick.
If a client asks a question and you do not know answer, just tell him, “Right now I am busy. Give me your papers, I will call you when I have read them.”
This way, you get time to either read that law or to get guidance from your friends. 
But how many Laws a Lawyer needs to learn? 
There are over 20,000 laws, rules, circulars curtailing rights of a common man.
A) Know about some basic principles of law which will be applicable to all the 20,000+ laws. For example, Law of Natural Justice, Law of Evidence, etc, etc..
Few Lawyers deeply study law of Evidence and Law of Natural Justice though they are universally applicable in almost all laws of world.
B) Secondly, learn to find “Where to find law” that governs the case. There are volumes of Central Acts and Rules, Volumes of State Acts and Rules. 

You can find most of laws here. You need not learn all these laws. But you need to learn how to locate the law.
Haresh Raichura 18/12/16