Some rights of Men which can be granted by court by interpreting present laws


Charter of Men’s Rights

The Law relating to Men’s Right needs changes. By liking this page you can give momentum to this charter of Men’s Right. This is a right step. The suggestions made here are possible to be granted by Courts in India. The suggestion here are not in conflict with other settled principles of law.

The Charter

1) No Law shall tell a man to borrow, steal or loot but anyhow pay maintenance to his wife and no court will ask a husband to sell his parents property in order to pay maintenance to his wife.

2) No interim order of maintenance in favour of a wife shall be passed until the wife and at least one independent witness has given evidence on oath about necessity for passing interim order.

3) If the wife has caused arrest of husband and his parents and sisters, such conduct of wife will be taken into consideration by court for declining maintenance to wife or for granting her reduced amount of maintenance.

4) An educated wife capable to earn shall be treated as equal to man and she shall not be entitled to special sympathetic consideration by Court deciding her transfer petition under Sec. 25 of C.P.C.

5) A domestic violence case, where there is no medical evidence of any hurt to wife should be tried as summary trial and a judge shall have discretion to dismiss such case without calling upon husband to enter his defense.

6) Sec. 125 of Cr. P.C. where courts are given power to grant unlimited maintenance without any upper limit, should be amended at earliest. Criminal Court remedy should not be allowed to decide civil rights of parties.

7) For deciding custody rights of children, the visiting rights of grand parents shall also be given due consideration and will be recognized in appropriate  provisions of law.