Plea of temporary insanity- Impulsive Murders due to repressed anger for several months


Impulsive Killing – When people to begin to kill on impulse or due to anger repressed for long period.

1) Present system of punishing murderers do not take into consideration several mental conditions through which the murderer may have gone “Temporarily insane for 10 to 20 mins”. 

2) Here, the murderer is unable to control what he is doing because temporary insanity which is of uncontrollable impulse.

3) Such temoparay insanity is not yet argued much in Indian Law. However there are some US cases where such defense has been taken. 

4) Such temporarily insanity is result of malfuction of certain emotions of anger which a person is repressing for long time. When treatment is given, the pressure burst out and impulsive murder takes place.

5) Indian law takes in to consideration “Provocaton” and “Self Defense”, but it has yet to recognize impulsive murders which takes place due to Repressed Emotions and lack of medical attention. 

6) IPC 304 Part II murders are of sudden provocation. But the issued argued above is different. Here in the present argument, the murderer is suffering from repressed anger since months and has remained untreated.

– Haresh Raichura, Advocate (c)

3rd July, 2016