Rituals and Belief systems of Mahatma Gandhiji


I have not read much about Mahatma Gandhiji.

But every time, I read something written by him, I feel as if I am in presence of a genuine person.

From such random readings, I have noticed some of his Ritual and Belief system.

1) His one belief system is Three Monkeys model.

One monkey puts its palms over eyes and says that It will not see evil.

Another monkey places it’s hands over its ears and says that it will not hear any evil.

Third Monkey puts its hands on mouth and says it will not speak evil.

In one line, this belief system can be described “No evil in, No evil out”.

If I do not let anything evil to enter in my mind, it less likely that I may speak anything evil.

2) Silence on every Monday.

This was one of his many good rituals.

I have not tried this. Probably, you have also not tried this ritual.

So whatever I write about this, will be guesswork.

Gandhiji must have found some benefits in this ritual.

If we try to keep silence for one day, then that day we have to fight back several urges to speak.

Fighting against impulses coming out from inside of us, itself is a great step towards more control over self.

Haresh Raichurs