When Justice S J Mukhopadhyay was a lawyer


At presently he is a judge in Supreme Court.

Many years ago, when he was a young lawyer, he had a case before a Division Bench in a High Court.

Judges had read the case in advance. Both the judges pointed out to this young lawyer that his case was hopeless and there was no arguable point in his case.

The young lawyer humbly pleaded that he thought that his case was good and he prayed to them to give him 15 minutes to make out his case.

Judges said Ok.

He started placing his case. Judges began to put cross questions to him. He began to answer by pointing at relevant evidences.

The arguments went on for 3 days in place of 15 minutes which were originally given.

Finally he won the case.

The judges were impressed by his presentation and preparation.

He was called to become a judge of high court within few months of this incident.

Presently, he is a judge in Supreme Court. He is considered by lawyers as one of the best judges of Supreme Court.

I heard this story from a Senior Advocate in Supreme Court.

Moral of Story: Good Preparation and Good Presentation of a case have vital impact on career of a young lawyer.