Car accident Experience – Driver ran away leaving it on me to face music of negligent driving case.


Once I had a car accident. Driver was driving the car. We were returning to home after work was over in Supreme Court.

The break failed. Car rammed in the car moving in front.

Next moment, my driver opened door and disappeared.

The owner in front car came out and started shouting at me.

I said, break had failed. I showed willingness to pay for whatever damages his car may have suffered.

The man was furious. He insisted on making a police case. Policeman came. He listened to both of us.

The police felt my offer to compensate whatever damage his car may have suffered was reasonable.

He calmed down the shouting man and reasoned with him by saying, that ” this looks like a case of accident and this man is a lawyer. It is a daily routine for him to go in court. Whereas you will be tired of attending court on every date if case is made”.

That man understood. I gave him my address card so that he can collect the damages.

After dispute was over, I drove the car and found my driver sitting ahead at some distance on road and waiting.

I asked him why he had ran away. I was angry.

He said it was a question of his life and death. His license could be cancelled. He could lose his livelihood. His family could have been destroyed if case was made.

I understood.

This incident happened more than 15 years ago.

That driver is still with me.