Protecting a Live in Couple – A recent Case – A problem in India


Law is not clearly defined in India for live in relationships. These are new social problems. Law has yet to catch up with them.

A recent case

Boy was 18 plus. Adult. But marriage age defined by law is 21. He cannot marry legally.

Girl was 22 plus. Adult. Marriage age defined is 18 for girls.

Strange situation.

She can legally marry boy but boy cannot legally marry her until he crosses 21 age.

The Problem.

They were in love since four years. Father of girl was forcing her to marry elsewhere. She left home. Started living with boy.


Father registered a complaint with police that girl was minor. The boy had kidnapped her. The idea of father was to get girl back by using police power and marry her off somewhere else and to put boy in jail.

The couple went into hiding. Father of boy came seeking legal help.


A petition was filed in Supreme Court stating details, seeking help against abuse of police power. Directions were asked against police and against father of girl.

A FURTHER most important direction was sought:

In 2006 Supreme Court has issued directions to all police stations to protect inter caste love bird marriages. It was prayed that this directions may be further clarified to include live in relationships.


A copy of petition was sent immediately to police station and to father of girls. Dispute got resolved within hours. It was not necessary to move further the petition filed in Supreme Court. The couple is today living happily.

But problem lingers on for such other couples in India.