Cost of pulling hair-knot of landlord’s daughter- 3 month Jail & fine upto Rs.1,00,000/-? Who forgot Law of Tort?


Overheard a strange case.
The man was convicted for jail for 3 months jail and fine of Rs.5000/-.

It looked as if he was tenant and the relationship between landlord tenant might have gone sore.

The daughter of landlord complained that in some marketplace, the tenant puller her hair-knot.

Youth’s prank?

Well, the case become serious. It was alleged by daughter that he also gave threat to throw acid…!

The judges and lawyers worked and put their heads together to find out what exactly was crime committed, how much truth was put in the case and how much lie was added in a partly true case, and what was the punishment as per law.

And the result was, 3 months jail and 5,000/- fine.

After wasting thousands of fees of lawyers, the man finally reached Supreme Court and begged for mercy.

Well, the punishment of jail waived but fine increased to Rs.1,00,000/- The fine will probably go to the girl.

Consider the years of legal battle of man!

Approximately, 3 and a half years from trial court to Supreme Court.
Justice is justice. Justice means wisdom of judges.

Missed Point:

Immediately after incident, the girl could have filed suit for Rs.5,00,000 or Rs. 50,000,00 for wrong done as per law of tort.

But as no such case filed, no such order !

Judges decide what is argued. If proper cases under of Law of Torts not filed, what courts can do?