Learn in 2 min all Laws of world (Hagel Philopher’s method) :->


There are thousands of laws in India. Now International laws have started becoming binding on people of India because of Internet transactions.

You are asked to Agree on many websites on terms written in very small print.

It is bery difficult to know what exactly is the law.

Once, It is noted, that a man went a German philosopher Hegel and asked him, what is the law. And he said, tell me while I stand on one leg. In other words, he asked him to explain what is law in 2 mins.

Hegel said, “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. All laws begin from here.”

So simple and beautiful. Most of laws of world starts from here.

In India, there are contradictory judgements of Supreme Court.

One judgement says that fine printed terms not binding to an illiterate person unless it is specifically brought to his notice.

Later judgement says, that even terms written on web site is binding when you by an air fare ticket.

Well, Hagel is my best guide. Any terms or laws contrary to it, ought to be, need to be challenged.

Haresh Raichura