Unsolicited calls to sell products. A suggestion.


Consumers courts have awarded exemplary costs against telephone companies and bank service advertisers who keep disturbing people by unsolicited calls.

Such cases are reported in law books and also at some place in this blog.But such judgements have no desired deterrent effect.

Next when such unsolicited call come, one can try following method:

In the beginning itself tell caller politely that :

“I am recording this conversation for purpose of protecting my privacy and I am reserving my rights to claim compensation for unsolicited calls.”

This method may work or it may not work. I have yet to try this method. You can try this method at your own risk if you think fit.

Because, it is costly to hire a lawyer and to file cases.

Even before going to consumer court, you have to collect addresses of parties against whom you want compensation.

You need to collect convincing evidence and records of call details. Then, big lawyers of company come

All of us are already so busy, that it is much easier and cheaper to us to simply reject a call.

But what if such calls recurrently disturb us?

Laws are good looking in law books and in offices of lawyers. But in real world, go by your practical wisdom.

Haresh Raichura