Rabbit and Elephant discuss how to win Jungle Election


Rabbit asked,”How can I win the coming election in Jungle?”
“Do you want to contest for Prime Minister’s post or do you want contest only as an MP or MLA?” Elephant sought clarification.
“Only as a MP or an MLA”, rabbit replied very very humbly.
“You should clarify to all what you will RETURN or PAY BACK if you get elected…
To voters, promise cheap food
To Party Workers, promise license to open ration card shops;
To Chief of Party workers, big govt contracts,
To party bosses, promise huge cash donations” Elephant explained fundamentals of the process.
“And from where can I pay to these all ?” Asked scared rabbit
“After elections, you can recommend crores of govt contracts to Businessmen and in return, you can ask for “Commission” or “Kick Back”.
This will be your main source of Income.” Replied the elephant and simplified election process.
Haresh Raichura