Learn in 2 mins ‘Evidence Based Judicial Thinking" – through a small Joke


A Ticket Checker found a Judge travelling in a train without ticket.

The Judge fumbled in all his pocket, but he could not found his ticket.

Looking to his high position of a Judge, ticket collector decided to let him go.

“That’s all right”, said the Judge, “But unless I find ticket, how do I know where I am going?”


Here, ticket is an Evidence. From ticket, it can be seen from 1) Where a man purchased ticket 2) From where he may be going.

When we say something in court during arguments, Judge interrupts and asks,”How do I know? Show me evidence of that?

This is how judicial-evidence-based thinking works.

Another simple example is following one.

A Judge will not believe that you have read this blog post unless you have some evidence prove it. Your say on oath that you have read this blog post is not enough for a judge to believe you.

(But if you share or tweet link of this blog post, it will generate digital footsteps on Internet. This can prove that at particular time on certain date, you shared this post. The Judge can then infer that it is probable that you may have read this post)

Evidence based thinking is so simple.

Haresh Raichura