Can Supreme Court or High Court order any PRIVATE individual to do something? My answer is no. Reasons->


Supreme Court in India has under Art.32 and High Courts have powers under Art 226 to issue orders (i. e. Writ of Mandamus).

But such writs/orders can be only issued to Govts, Govt bodies or Authorities covered under Art.12 of the Constitution of India.

Such orders cannot be issued to private individuals, or private bodies unless they are aided by Govts or govt bodies with State funds.

If they are violating any laws, SC or HC can direct concerned authorities to take steps in accordance with law.

But they have no powers to issue such writs or orders to private individuals to do or not to do a particular act.

This is my academic and personal view. You must consult and seek advice of an advocate, before applying this information to real situations.

Haresh Raichura