I am what I am. I am not sorry for what I am. God and my circumstance made me. I love myself and I am proud of


This is called Unconditional Acceptance of our sins, shortcomings and to not to feel guilty about it.

It was not in our hands to choose where we should be born or study in childhood.

We became, what our chances and circumstances made. I do not need to feel guilty if my face or my manners are ugly.

I need to feel ashamed only if I do not try to improve in accordance with my limitations.

Today some people like me. Tomorrow these same people may say dirty things about me behind my back.

They have freedom to do so. They have freedom to betray me. They have freedom to stab me in my back if I give them chance to do it.

But so far as I am concerned, I am what I am. And that’s it. I am proud of what I am. I am proud that I am living.


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