How by One Single Judgement Supreme Court of India can WAKE UP all of us- A practical Suggestion


I am sure that Supreme Court will not agree with suggestion I am about to make. It will find ‘Reasonable Faults’ in my suggestion..

But here is my suggestion.

1) Law says that in areas where there are no laws, Supreme Court can pass temporary laws, which will remain in force till law is passed by legislative body.

2) Right to clean Environment is fundamental right under Art. 21. Therefore, to enforce this right, Supreme Court can pass any order.

3) In some PIL, Supreme Court should lay down law that

“To spit in public street or place is offense punishable with fine of Rs. 200/- and if person is not willing to pay fine, he can be detained in police custody for 30 minutes”

4) It can further authorize, police authorities to appoint commission agents to enforce this law.

Every Commission Agent will be entitled to 30% Commission from fine collected. Rest of fine will go to State treasury.

5) Now visualize the Effect of Such judgement.

I think all of us will avoid spitting in public street. In fact, if we have to spit, we will look here and there to see that no one is watching us.

Haresh Raichura

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