Value of Statement of Nathuram Godse, given in Court before his conviction #Law


Many ppl give too much importance on Nathuram Godse’s last statement in Court under Sec. 313.

In Courts we do not give much importance to such statements.

Here are the reasons:

If accuses comes forward to give statement on oath, other-side has right to cross examine, to put questions to him and to bring out lies and truths from what he is saying.

When accused, chooses not to come forward to give evidence on oath, but when he chooses only to give statements under Sec.313, where no questions can be asked to him, we do not believe in truth of such statements.

Secondly, mainly such statements are prepared by lawyers or his other advisors.

These are not words coming out directly from the mouth of accused.

In courts, we believe that statements made in court, but where other side is not permitted to question, such statements have no value.

Haresh Rauchura

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