Destiny is shaped by Fate+Law of Cause and Effect – James Allen (100 Years Ago)


James Allen had studied GITA also.

He wrote some great books 100 years ago. Recently, I downloaded some his audio books from iPhone App Store.

Regarding our Destiny, he said there are two school of thoughts.

Some say, Fate controls our destiny. Whatever we may do, our luck or fate will happens.

Some say, law of cause and effect controls us. We are result of choices we make in life.

He said, Truth must be somewhere in middle of these two schools of thought.

It is fate or our luck which offers us certain options. And from then onward, it is the choice we make, that is followed by law of Cause and effect which shapes our destiny.

For example, at one point, I got an option. I can be a judge by passing an exam. Or I can be a lawyer.

Now it is fate that in certain family I was born who could educate me up to this level where these options opened to me.

But here onward, if I choose to be judge, I may go to certain route by law of cause and effect.

If I choose to be lawyer, the law of cause and effect could lead me to certain different destiny.

In summary he meant to say that we are governed by both, Our Fate and by our choices Which take us in certain direction through The Law of Cause and Effact.

The options which we get are offered by Our Fate.

But thereafter, what we opt for, will decide what will be our destiny, by following law of Cause and Effect.

Those who wholly believe in Fate, can still say that Fate works on our mind and it forces us to choose in a certain way.

They may be right also.

But Janes Allen thought that middle path between those who believe only in Fate and Those who believe only in Cause and Effect, should be followed.

Haresh Raichura

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