Why a criminal stabbed a woman 27 times? Why a wife killed husband with 26 knife blows? What is Amygdala?


This is about Emotion Intelligence. First case relates to U.S. Read in above book. Second case relates to a small town of Gujarat. I heard it when I was sitting in a Court room of Gujarat.

In US, the Criminal was acquitted of murder charge.

It was accepted by court that he went into frenzy of anger and his mind was out of control. He was held guilty of Second Degree murder.

In India, the woman was convicted for murder, The Court did not accept that woman may have finally lost her patience and may have killed husband in a frenzy of anger and her mind may have gone out of her control. She was held guilty of First Degree murder.

In first case, a life convict was released on parole. He burgled into a house. He tied woman with rope and then he stole money and valuables.

When he was about to leave flat, woman shouted at him that she was a journalist and will see that he is given death penalty.

The criminal got angry. His mind went banana. In frenzy of anger, he stabbed woman to death by 27 blows.

About second case, I have no details but I assume that something must have happened which drove woman to Stab her husband to death by 26 blows.

Science have now been advanced. It is found that when blood rushing to brain bypasses a brain organ called Amygdala, the person looses his thinking power and his emotion of anger takes charge of his body. His actions are out of his control.


Indian courts have still not accepted this argument. In one case, I tried to argue this before Supreme Court Judges but judges were not inclined to accept this argument.

Haresh Raichura

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