How to become a High Court Judge? (Tips for Young Lawyers)


In India, as per present system, Judges themselves are appointing Judges.

They look at the young advocates appearing before them.

Then one Judge proposes to other judges that certain advocate can be elevated to Bench.

Then Judges discuss among themselves. Certain procedures are followed.

That advocate becomes a High Court Judge.


There are many methods for coming in the eyes of Judges. I cannot write all those methods because some of them are dubious methods.

I will mention two methods heard from three advocates who not only became High Court Judges, they also become Supreme Court Judges. One has retired. Two are still Sitting Judges of Supreme Court.

1) Justice Anil R Dave, Supreme Court Judge is attributed that once he gave following advice to a Junior Advocate:-

Reach in Court at 9:45 AM. Then Sit in Court upto 4:30 PM. Then leave court and go home. Then you do your all other work.

When he was advocate, he used to do like this.

2) Justice Radhakrishnan, Supreme Court Judge, once said during a public speech at Ahmedabad:-

“Only way to come in the eyes of a Judge is by arguing before him. Then only he will know how much is your knowledge and understanding of law.”

3) Justice C.K.Thakkar, retired Supreme Court Judge is attributed to have given his advice to a junior advocate only in 3 words:-

“Read, Read and Read”

Now, in my view all the three advice above are sound advice for those who want to become High Court Judges.

Haresh Raichura

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