Two Senior Advocates: One died of cancer. One died with evergreen smile on his face


The way we live is the way we die. This is a short story of two prominent senior advocates.

One was very clever. He fought for companies. He always fought to defend injustice. He always used to win. He could virtually slain opponent advocate with his cleverness in court.
He was adept in bribing judges also.

He died of cancer at young age. His whole life time savings were lost in treatment. He died a tragic death.

Another was a simple man. He always wore a smiling face. When he walked in court lobby, it looked as if he was smiling at everyone who crossed his path.

He was also clever. But he never used his knowledge to perpetuate injustice. He took only those case which deserved justice.

He died his natural death with his usual smile on his face.

Haresh Raichura

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