One client came to Supreme Court and asked me to get his matter DISMISSED !


To get a matter dismissed in Supreme Court is also a challenge.

Once a Client came to me to get his matter dismissed!

About two or three matters were dismissed by Gujarat High Court by a common order.

One of the party, was getting some benefits even if his matter was dismissed.

So he did not want Supreme Court to entertain any petition of others.

He had heard that if his matter is dismissed by Supreme Court, then other two matters will also be routinely dismissed by Supreme Court.

So he wanted his matter to be dismissed at earliest.

Today, I may refuse to accept such brief. But those were my early days in Supreme Court.

Normally, to succeed in matter is hard.

It is easy to get a dismissal order.

Strange thing happened

I moved matter in urgency before three Judges.

I started with my weakest point.
“My Lords, my client has lost in all courts below….” and I left sentence incomplete and hoped that judges will pass dismissal order.

Three judges looked at one another, discussed some thing and granted me Stay Order!

I was shocked.

My client has paid me to get matter dismissed. But it did not happen! I failed.

Haresh Raichura

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