Three Stages of Dependance on Lord Krishna


I passed through three stages of Dependance on Lord Krishna.

1) In first stage, I worshipped Krishna and I trusted that He will look after me and will protect me from evils of this world.

2) In Second Stage, I believed that Krishna Helps Those Who Help Themselves.

In this stage, I felt that burden to take initiative and do my best was on me. Only when I first do this, Krishna adds something which gives me success beyond my expectations.

3) In Third Stage, I felt that I should keep doing my job well. I should not now and then keep looking whether Krishna is helping me or not.

I should work as if I am on my own.
It is for Him to come or not to come to add help to me.

If He comes, it is well and good. If He does not come to add any help, then also it is well and good.

It means, I am surrendering to Him but I am not binding Him to any reciprocal promises towards me. No expectations are violated if His help does not come!

It is all up to Him.

This stage pulls me up to level playing field with all evil persons who do not believe in and who do not fear God.

I fight on my own. Krishna helps me if and when he thinks fit.

Haresh Raichura

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