‘Ek tha Tiger and Ek thi Cow" – A story to explain why people file false cases.


Once upon a time in India there was rule of law. All citizens and animals were law abiding.

One day a cow crossed path of a Tiger. The Cow said to Tiger, “Hi, Good Morning”.

The tiger gave no reply. He went straight to police station and gave complaint that The Cow has assaulted on him with her horns.

Police called the cow to police station but took no action against Cow for one month.

Tiger went to Court, engaged a lawyer and filed complaint against cow. The Magistrate recorded statement of Tiger on oath. Two more tigers came as witnesses who claimed to have seen the incident. They gave statements in support of tiger.

Magistrate issued non bailable warrant against Cow.

Cow engaged a lawyer and filed Sec. 482 petition in High Court to quash the complaint as abuse of criminal law.

High Court dismissed petition of Cow. High Court asked cow to appear before trial court and to prove her innocence in trial.

The Cow went to appeal in Supreme Court under Art.136. There also her petition was dismissed by Supreme Court. Supreme Court gave same advice to cow.

The Cow appeared before Magistrate and obtained bail pending trial.

Then case was adjourned many times for three years. On each day Cow had to come to court. She was always very frightened because in Courts she saw that lots of tigers and criminals were crowding around her.

One day she agreed to pay few lakhs rupees to Tiger. Tiger agreed and case was withdrawn.

The Cow become free for a price.


1) Most of the evidence in Indian courts are words of mouth. Witnesses and complainants can easily tell lies in court.

2) Courts have power to punish those who tell lies in court. But for many reasons they cannot do so.

3) The Cow should not have said ‘Good Morning’ to Tiger.

4) Aggression is best defense.

The cow should have also immediately filed (1) Complaint for malicious prosecution against Tiger and Two other tigers who gave false statement in Court. (2) Cow should also have filed Civil Suit for damages against three tigers. Then all three cases would have proceeded in Court side by side.

Warning: Do not treat this story as advice. Consult your advocate for correct advice.

IN MY VIEW, 40% Criminal Cases in courts in India are cases where, The Tigers have filed false cases against Cows. (Shocking Truth)

If you think that this story can help people to fight better against false cases, please tweet this to spread awareness.

Haresh Raichura


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