How Governments SPY on Judges. – A method.


I have no evidence to say that any Government is employing any persons to spy on judges of High Court and Supreme Court Judges.

But Once it was in news that a sitting judge of Delhi High Court said that he was apprehending that CBI was taping his phone.

Then in about 2003, in one High Court, I met few so called “Law Officers”.

They said that they were not assigned to report on any particular case. Their job was to sit in different courts and to listen to what judges were saying about government, while dealing with cases against Govt.

At 5.00 PM daily, their job was to brief Chief Secretary about “which judge said what about Government”.

This looked scary.

It looked like “official spying” on judges of High Court to me.

To my mind, Judiciary is losing it’s Independence slowly slowly.

It is only they, who can protect themselves. We can only pray for them.

They are the last strong pillar of our Democracy. They should be able to judge cases without fear of “being reported to Chief Executive of Government”, at 5:00 PM daily….

Haresh Raichura


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