How a village woman can protect herself and enforce law?


A village woman is at mercy of locals. The locals have control over Sarpanch and Police.

There is no place where she can go.

But if she can write few words and if she can walk to a nearby Telegram Office, she has some powers to enforce law. She is no more at mercy of local police.

1) Telegrams are forgotten. But it has lots of power. I have tried this. I ask my clients to use this often. Telegram is Evidence and often forces higher authorities to start working.

2) The village woman must be given addresses of following 5 offices where she can send telegrams.

a) Address of Local Police Officer

B) Address of Superior, District Police Officer

C) Address of Chief Justice of High Court

D) Address of District Judge and Chief Judicial Magistrate

E) Address of State Woman Commission

If she has any complaint, she should send a telegram to any 3 of the above authorities. If urgent telegram is sent, it will be delivered in 24 hours. The protection may follow in about 3 days. During this period, she should be careful. After 3 days, she can become fearless. She can obtain a copy of telegram from telegram office also.

If there is no telegram office in village, or if there is some danger in sending telegram from village, she should travel to any nearby town and place telegram from nearby town. This may be safer because in village no one will know until action is taken by offices.

A telegram is more powerful than a revolver.

Haresh Raichura


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